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From Pieces To Weight Book Summary

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from pieces to weight book summary

The book I read is called From pieces to weight by Curtis Jackson also known as 50 cent and Kris Ex. This book is about Curtis Jackson's life and the struggles he went through to make it out the " ghetto." Curtis Jackson shows how he went from a boy who's mom was a drug dealer, then made a living through drug dealing, and finally becomes a rap artist.

Curtis Jackson lived in the south side of Queens, New York. His mother was a small time drug dealer in order to pay rent and put clothes on Curtis's back. Curtis's mother would always leave him in his grand parents house while she would deal drugs. Curtis was aware of his mother dealing drugs, but it never bothered him. One day during Ms. Jackson's drug dealings another drug dealer was accusing her for taking his customers and he ended up shooting her. She died that day and Curtis was only eight year old at this time.

Because of his mothers death Curtis ended up living with his grand parents at eight years old and was introduced to dealing drugs by his mom's old friend Brian. Brian started Curtis out with small amounts of cocaine. Curtis started to get really into this drug dealings after he bought his own set of clothes. Every day after school he would go to a place called " the strip" which was a hot spot for dealing drugs. Curtis was so good at dealing drugs he would start to buy kilos of cocaine. This resulted in Curtis not going to school anymore because of the money he was making. During these times it was really tough for Curtis because everyday he would worry about getting shot, robbed, or arrested by the police.

Rap exploded in New York because of Tupac Shakur making it in the rap business. Every gangster in New York wanted to make a living off of rap. This also interested Curtis because he found out this was one of his talents and he thought it would be another



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