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Book summary

"Fish" by Stephen C. Lundin, PH.D., Harry Paul, and John Christen. This book was really fun to read. It was easy to read, and it kept you from putting it down. I read it in a day. The more I read the more I seemed to enjoy it. It was like it wanted me to read the book to fit it in my own life personally and professionally.

I feel everyone should read this book sometime in their life. This book touched based on everyday life. Everyone sometimes in their life had worked in a place called a "Toxic energy dump". I know I have as a high school student. All the characters in the book are just like your average working people you encounter in the work place. All the characters were afraid of changes in their work environment. They thought changes could cause them to lose their jobs. Mary Jane knows if they didn't they would lose their jobs anyways.

My favorite part of the book was when Mary Jane walked into the market place and stumbled upon the fish shop. It was like you could picture her face when she saw them tossing fish to each other over the crowds head, and seeing them yelling and cheering when they caught the fish. It was like you where there and was a part of the crowed.

Mary Jane knows if they didn't change their toxic energy dump they would lose their jobs. Mary Jane was willing to go out on a limb to keep all of their jobs. She was willing to do anything to prove to her boss that she could clean up her toxic energy dump. Mary Jane is some what like me. M J was always trying to find new things. I can relate to Mary Jane's character. The reason is, because I'm a warehouse manager at my work. I'm still trying to fix what the last warehouse manager damaged. The damage came from him not caring about his title and work place. No one from the store would come to the warehouse to help me fix the damage, and help



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