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Summaries Of Books Of The Aeneid

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First XXII Lines

I sing of arms and a man, who was the first to escape from the mouth of Troy to Italy and by the fates he came to the Lavinian shores- having been tossed about much and enduring much both on land and on the sea due to the power of the gods, and on the account of the unforgetting anger of the cruel goddess Juno, also having suffered much in war, he founded the a city and brought his household gods to Latium- (and founded) A race from which the Latins and the Alban fathers and the great walls of Rome rose.

Help me oh Muse remember the reasons, why did the queen of the gods drive a man of such piety through so many dangers, hardships, and toils. Why are the celestial gods so angry?

There was an ancient city (Founded by the Tyrianians) Carthage, facing Italy and the mouth of the Tiber far off in the distance, a rich town, loving war, and very aggressive; Juno held even her precious island Samos in less regard: Here were her weapons, and here was her chariot; the goddess’s kingdom for all the people, it the fates allow, now she is extending her power. But she had heard that a new race is going to come from Trojan Blood and is going to turn over the towers (overpower the land). A race would come, an imperious people, proud in war with wide dominion bringing doom for Libya: Fate willed it so.

Book I

Book I opens with the famous line “I sing of arms and a manвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚Ñœ The beginning of this book introduces the muse, who must be prayed to at the beginning of all epic poems. This book relates the way in which Aeneas got to Carthage and met Queen Dido. Juno created a storm at sea to try to prevent Aeneas from reaching Carthage, but Venus had pity on Aeneas and spared him. When Aeneas meets Dido, Cupid shoots Dido with a golden arrow, causing her to fall in love with Aeneas. Then, Dido asks Aeneas to tell about the Trojan War.

Book II

Aeneas begins to tell her the story of the Trojan War. He tells the story of the Trojan horse and how the Greeks surprised the Trojans. He tells about his futile attempt to fight off the Greeks. Aeneas tries to kill Helen, but Venus intervenes and tells Aeneas to leave. Aeneas leaves carrying his father Anchises on his back.

Book III

In this book, Aeneas pays homage to Apollo in the land of King Anius. Apollo tells Aeneas to go to Crete, but then directs him toward Italy. Aeneas and his crew are caught in a storm and land on Strophades, where Harpies live. Aeneas and company eat the cattle of the Harpies and are cursed. Apollo again directs them toward Italy and tells them to ask forgiveness from Juno.

Book IV

Aeneas ends his story of the Trojan War. Dido is still in love with Aeneas, and as a consequence, Juno is able to convince Aeneas and Dido to make love in a cave. After this, Mercury, sent by Jupiter, tells Aeneas to leave Dido and continue on his journey. Aeneas is berated by Dido when he tells her he is going to leave, but Aeneas tells her his hands are tied. Dido kills herself. Juno spares Dido’s soul from the underworld.

Book V

Aeneas and his fleet land on Eryx, Sicily because of yet another storm. While on this island, Aeneas remembers it is the anniversary of his father’s death. Because of this, they decide to have nine days of feasts and a day of games. There are five events, and in each event, everyone gets a prize as a result of Aeneas’ grace. Aeneas’ father appears and tells Aeneas to meet him in the underworld. At the end of the book Venus asks Neptune for safe travel, which he grants in exchange for a sacrifice.

Book VI

Aeneas reaches Hesperia and searches for Apollo’s Temple. He finds it and Sybil the prophetess, who tells him about the journey he must take to get to the underworld. Aeneas completes the required rites and is allowed into the underworld. He uses a golden branch as his badge of honor to get into the underworld. Finally, Aeneas meets Anchises, who tells him of many things including Augustus’ rule.

Book VII

Aeneas and his crew sail up the coast of Italy. Aeneas meets king Latinus of Latium requesting land. King Latinus grants the land, as well as his daughter’s hand in marriage. Juno becomes enraged at the fact that Aeneas has reached Italy, so she sends a fury to cause the Queen of Latium to oppose Aeneas’ marriage to King Latinus’ daughter. This also angers Turnus,



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