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Freedom Expressed

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Freedom of Expression

The statement that most of us are not really very tolerant of people who express unpopular ideas, or act in nonconforming ways is nothing less than the out right truth. The accuracy of this statement just helps you to realize that you do not want to hear something that is going against the grain of society. There should be judges who strictly deal with these kinds of very sensitive cases. We need to try to find others ways when we think that we are not being heard if we are expressing unpopular ideas, or act in nonconforming ways. The times are different so if you know this why not try to stay ahead of the game and twist the media so that the publicity will help you fight for you cause. Use them to make what you have to say grab the publics attention.

The public is the hardest to reach. If they work harder to get the public to want what every change that you are fight for then they could have a winning case. But trying to fight the battle alone only gets you negative attention in the public's eyes. Lasch says that democracy requires argument and that public argument involving ordinary citizens has been usurped by an elite, a group of insiders who either because of political connections, expertise or other institutional reasons have easier access to the media and are therefore able to dominate public discourse. You cannot

win the battle with no one on your side.

There should be judges who deal with these types of sensitive subjects as freedom of speech. Criminal court case need the judges that we have now but we need other's who takes in the peoples feelings on a subject before giving a ruling that maybe no one agrees with. Because if you have the peoples point of view in it there will be less confusion on who is for and who is against. Because the way it is now they just make there decision based on if they think that the subject is ethical or not, and most of there ruling based solely on that. It is very hard



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