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Freedom Of The Road

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ENC 1101

February 24, 2010

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Freedom of the Road

One of the greatest days of my life was when I got my first motorcycle. I was so excited to ride

my first bike because I could cruise on the road legally, go riding with friends, and the bike I was

getting was top of the line. I have always wanted a motorcycle ever since I was a kid because my mom

had one when I was growing up. Motorcycles always seem so fun to me and I wanted to be able to

experience that. I have lots of friends that have them and they are always going riding together. I have

always wanted to go but couldn't because I did not have a bike. That all change on the day I went to pick

up my first bike.

Finally, after riding on the dirt so long, I was legally able to ride on the road. I was so excited

when my mom bought me my first dirt bike when I was seven years old. I had the exact same feeling

when I got my motorcycle. When I was fourteen I got a ticket for riding a dirt bike on the road that

wasn't street legal. I guess ever since then I've always wanted to ride on the road. To ride legally on the

road I had to take a motorcycle safety class before I could receive my license. It was four days long but

well worth it. Then I went to the DMV to change my license and pick up a plate for my new motorcycle. I

remember I was terrified the first time I rode my motorcycle on the road. I was so vulnerable to

everything around me. Riding in a car offers so much more protection then riding on a bike.

Now that I have a new motorcycle I can go riding with my friends. Its a lot of fun riding with a

large group people who all like doing the same thing I do. There is a lot of different places around town

that have bike night where a lot of people that ride bikes attend. Buffalo Wild Wings has bike night

every Wednesday and a lot of bikes go up there. A fun adventure we went on was up to Georgia, where

we participated in some



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