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Fred Bailey Answers

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SEMESTER ONE (1) / 2018/2019









SUBMISSION DUE: 21/10/2018


The piece of writing below is taken from the International Journal of Human resource Management, 2016 Vol. 27, No.20, 2531-2549, authored by Miki Malul, Amir Shoham and Moshfique Uddin on title Linguistic gender marking gap and female staffing at MNC’s.

This journal is all about staffing problem in MNCs’ company. The main idea of author is the impact of the linguistic gender marking gap on expatriate female staffing decisions in a multinational organization as mentioned in the journal. He support this statement with explaining the Transaction Cost Theory hypothesizes that due to cultural differences, combination between parent and subsidiary companies becomes difficult and costly. Therefore, author’s purpose on this issue is staffing or enrolment from Head Company could be favor to diminish struggle such as cultural by establishing better control and henceforth dropping the transaction cost. Author focus female staff than male staff as his audience to the studies. Additionally, to support the main idea of this studies, author support by explain the nature of language the way speakers using it give impact at two level. First, the gap or differences between home and host countries’ language. Second is, informal and formal language used by home country and host country during discussion. Moreover analytical model, Gender Gap Variable and propositions used to develop this studies.

  1. Is this piece an example of good academic writing?
  • Yes, the style is formal and flows well. Paraphrasing (rather than quotations) is used to introduce evidence from the literature

  1. How well does it use literature to back up statements being made?
  • Literature is used to make a number of points.  An attempt is made to find answers in the literature. However, each citation is not really explored or interpreted.
  1. To what extent is it reflective?
  • There is some reflection on the part of the author and answers from the literature are used to confirm these feelings. The author does not go far enough in trying to explain/justify these feelings.
  1. To what extent is it analytical and critical?
  • There is an attempt to analyse the topic but this is not done in great depth. The author does not question/evaluate the evidence from the literature and therefore shows limited critical thinking.

Based on researcher’s literature review on this topic, there are two proposition were postulated. The first proposition is “to increase control and reduce tension, placing managerial expatriates on the subsidiary level should depend on the linguistic gender marking gap between home country and host country”. I agree to this point because power of control must be with manager to avoid staffs take their own decision. Moreover, an expatriates managers who lead their team must able to manage both home and host country linguistic gender marking.  Second proposition is “using the same language of the organization in a newly integrated subsidiary could reduce the linguistic gender marking gap between HQ and subsidiary sue to cognitive effect.  This proposition strongly agree by me because change in a company will take a longer period of time and also consist of high cost according to change model by Lewin (1950). Unfreeze to change to refreeze is the 3 steps process which involve a certain time period for each steps. Therefore using the same HQ language and values in new subsidiary level will create organizational culture which is same with their home country. This will be easier to HQ and host country to delegate and work together.



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