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1) Phyllis and Rodney due both suffer from mood disorders but they both suffer from different forms. Phyllis suffers from severe depression where Rodney has bi polar disorder. Phyllis' differs from Rodney in the way that she responds and acts. They both become withdrawn but Phyllis has stayed withdrawn were Rodney will cycle through his moods in any given amount of time. Phyllis' has not gone through psychotic episodes where Rodney has (driving his car at 120mph through a neighborhood). Another way there disorders differ is in the way that they are treated, while both receive psycho-therapy and medication, they both receive different levels and types of medication. Rodney takes Lithium Carbonate where Phyllis takes and anti- depressant.

2) Dr. Knafo concludes that Susan's moods are within the normal range because she responded appropriately to each situation and it was more of a continuous and gradual mood change. The moods that Susan went through are emotions that everyone has felt. Susan's moods would have been considered abnormal if she would have become fixated on one end of spectrum for moods and if her moods would have shifted a lot.

3) Margarita described symptoms such as, weight loss, insomnia, loss of appetite, trouble concentrating (says that she quit school briefly, because she couldn't concentrate) and negativity.

4) Mild depression- this is where a person may feel they have a physical ailment; they have physical symptoms such as decreased energy and enjoyment. They may also feel a sense of malaise. To people who do not know them they may appear to be operating and functioning normally. However, to themselves they feel as they are only operating at 30-40 %. People who suffer from severe or acute depression, they move and speak slowly. They actively withdraw from people and society. They want to be left alone, they cannot function, have no motivation to work and feel that nothing is worthwhile. Psychotic



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