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Tell The Truth... Answers To Questions In The Book

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Essay Preview: Tell The Truth... Answers To Questions In The Book

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Tell The Truth

Introduction & Chapter 1

1. a. Spiritual Isolation - to have no contact with the lost

b. Spiritual Immersion - to have no distinction with the lost

2. I have found myself falling into spiritual Immersion. I am always around lost people.

3. It would allow us to reach people and meet them on their level. Not that we are better than they are but to connect with them on a more personal level.

4. Someone who knows or has information about an actual event.

5. A witness is knowledge of someone else's event and testimony is knowledge of your own event.

6. No, with a witness, the event actually happened and the same with a testimony, the event also actually happened.

7. a. The sacrifice of Christ

b. Sin has effected all men

c. When God makes a covenant with man, his covenant is His promise

d. Christ has conquered sin in our own flesh

Chapter 2

1. You will have to explain how important fellowship is in your growth as a Christian to the first statement and to the second statement, you will have to be sensitive to the person. He is already on the edge. So one wrong thing and you could push him away forever.

2. No matter what the person's rebuttal is, it's not our Job to make sure they receive Jesus into their heart but to relay the good news to them and then Christ will take care of the rest.

3. The truth has been omitted from the gospel over the years. People are afraid if they tell the truth about the gospel, then it will scare people off.

4. a. The whole gospel is the entire story as it truly happened. The truncated gospel is stripped of all its miracles and ending when the stone was rolled up to the tomb.

b. Message centered is going to be dealing with quite a bit more information and method centered is going to be dealing with its presentation over the actual amount of information used to present the gospel.

c. God centered is all about giving praise and glory to our Lord. Man centered is more about the human and focusing on what the human has done or has to do to get into heaven.

5. We can focus more on the whole gospel, being message centered, and staying God centered with all that we do and say.

6. I thought it was well done. The way he gives examples about the different kinds of people coming to the "new cross." Then he went on to tell about how that is not what we are here to focus on. We are not trying to make the cross something delightful. It represents a horrible death of a person. He definitely kept the whole Gospel real and kept it God centered.

Chapter 3

1. a. The Gospel has been reduced in God in the ways that people are not giving Him all the glory that he deserves when presenting it.

b. The Gospel has been reduced in Man in the ways that people are focusing more on the fact that God is one person not 3 in one.

c. The Gospel has been reduced in Christ in the way that He is looked at like God, but not at the same level.

d. The response to all of this is that we need to get back to focusing on the Whole gospel, not just what we want to relay to others. If we are worrying about scarring them, then they may not accept Christ. We must do our job and spread the good word.

2. In order to recover the Gospel, we will have to sit down and pull out the Word. There are no misconceptions when you read directly out of the Bible. We could use the verse that says how no man is worthy of interpreting scripture. Then you are altering the Word of God.

3. Because we don't want to sugar coat the Word. We don't want to lure someone into being saved. We want to tell the truth and have them genuinely accept Christ into their heart.

4. Yes, you try not to step on anyone's toes but it is almost impossible not to when presenting the Gospel and getting the point across in the best way that you can.

5. You want to bring the truth, and sometimes that means you come on aggressive. But at the same time, you want to make sure that you are making a connection with the individual to whom you are presenting to.

Chapter 4

1. Professors are teachers and will go out and teach people the Gospel. They are not possessors who have and know the word but keep it to themselves.

2. They are talking about how Jesus was a man but he is not God. It totally takes and says that the Bible is not true.

3. We must address this issue because we want to get the whole Gospel out to the unsaved. We don't want them to be confused with what the theologians have to say. We need to keep it simple and present them with something that they can easily understand.

4. It isn't a clear expression of what the Word has to say. So we must rely on bringing the message directly from the Bible.

5. Walking them through the Romans road will take away any doubts that you may have about weather or not it is true or not.

6. Because you are leaving all of your old ways and habits and converting to your new life and new ways.

7. We can tell them how Christ has worked in our lives and explain to them that you are not trying to rush them. Just come out and tell them that it is a choice that they have. Make them feel like they are in total control of the discussion and they will feel a lot better and more willing to talk and make a decision.

Chapters 5 - 7

1. Thinking God's thoughts not judging God's ways. I John will show us how to grow closer to God. It will also show you how to be apart of God's family. As well as being assured of having life with God after death.

2. It will show them that even though they have done many wrong things that they can have a second chance and become born again. They can be given a chance to start all over and from then on out live their lives for Christ.

3. You have to have all three to become effective in the evangelism process. The mind is important because



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