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3 Wonderous Answers

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Three Wondrous Answers


This was a story of an emperor's search for an answer to 3 questions. He asks all of his peasants and tells them if they come up with a good answer there will be a huge reward. After many answers that weren't to his liking he told the people there will be no reward for the answers were not good enough. He then goes to a hermit in the mountains and asks him the questions for he is to be a very wise man. But he doesn't answer. So the emperor helps the hermit dig his garden. As the sun falls they see a man running at them and he is bleeding. The emperor cares for the man and in the morning gains conciseness. Emperor wakes up to the wounded man saying he is sorry, for he had plotted to kill him. The emperor goes to the hermit one last time for the answers he seeks. The hermit says that they have already been answered. The hermit then explains.


It is telling us that the people you are with known are the most important. It tells us that the present time is the best time to do anything. Anyone can change anyone's life for the good or the bad at anytime or anyplace.

Course Concept:

The course concept that I find that connects to the reading is mutual interdependent. This is saying that we need each other to survive. This is shown by the hermit getting his garden dug by the emperor in return for answers. This is true with the man bleeding, had the emperor not been helping the hermit then the bleeding man would not have been saved by the bleeding man. In return to saving the man the emperor has a man that said he is indebted to him.

Personal Reflection:

My reaction to the story is that it is some questions have no answers that can



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