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Effects Of Divorce

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As both premarital sex and divorce within the United States becomes both more popular and more acceptable, the problem of having two divorce mongering parent whom have already had children together increases as well. Its one thing to get married and divorce someone as you find that you've rushed things too quickly and don't truly love a person, even though it might be wrong. But if children have already commenced between the two parties in question there is more to it than simple personal moral values. The well-being of the children must be accounted for and thus things should be thought through and one must tread lightly so as not to damage the developing butterflies. Children in most cases, as there are always exceptions to every rule, need two parents of total normalcy to develop unharmed by instability, lack of trust, and with good rolemodels for love and the necessity to stay with a partner rather than cycle through them once one gets boring. However children may also find themselves harmed by constant bickering, which they often blame themselves for, and domestic abuse is a large problem that can hurt a child both physically and mentally. As for The Good Book, its stance is clear: Marriage is absolute and final, although again there are extreme exceptions to every rule.

The necessity for a child to have two parents, one of each gender accordingly, is a need that is becoming, alarmingly, more and more overlooked each and everyday. Between gays/lesbians wanting love-children and single parent families people are forgetting that stability in the home is important to children while they feel all else is changing so rapidly about them. Without this firm foundation by which they can stand on they might find themselves looking to the wrong places for the stability and love they aren't getting at home.

Also if the two parents do get divorced the child may not learn of a very important, but also waning, principal of trust. The child might not learn to ever truly trust someone fully as their bases of reality, their parents, have not learned to trust each other. This is not a good thing and could hurt the child socially, and later even financially. For one to have a good and normal life one needs balance, and being socially inept skews this balance and would make life one long arduous uphill battle.

Again without the rolemodels needed for a basis of love to compare to the child might, and they are finding this more and more true, not ever learn what true love is, merely what lust is. Lust is the physical goodness one feels with a partner, but usually wears off in a few years. Love is the emotional desire to be with someone unconditionally, and one must indeed work hard to preserve this it is not something that you can naturally keep, but must be held onto throughout trial and tribulation. Due to this, it in turn makes the child only know lust and therefore greatly increases their chances of marrying, having children, and divorcing



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