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Edward Scissorhands - Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Edward Scissorhands - Movie Review

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Edward Scissorhands is a dark fantasy comedy which was directed in 1990 by starring Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. The movie is all about artificial man who was known as Edward. He had scissors for hands instead of natural hands because was a victim of unfinished creation. He had unfinished creation because his creator died before he could finish creating hands for him. Later on he was adopted by suburban family where he falls in love with teenage daughter in host family who was known as Kim. Edward had very good skills in haircutting and clipping. Kim’s boyfriend dislikes Edward and took advantage of him exposing him to dangers. As a board member of the weird romance film festival I would encourage the Edward Scissorhands to be in the festival (Marsh, Clive & Gaye 43). 

Film evaluation

Plot. The film tend to show a lot of creativity incorporating people and artificial man with no natural hands instead he uses scissors for hands. This is so creative because will leave judges and audience who will be in festival hall in suspense.  Edward could have been fitted artificial hands but he is fitted with scissors instead which on my view is high level of creativity because it deviates from normal way of thinking. Suspense is how he will be interacting with others without injuring them, How he will be taking food, how he will be taking drinks and many more suspense. I will propose the film to be presented to the audience so that they can be surprised by the best talents and action possessed by Edward. Such talents and skills include haircutting and clipping without putting too much efforts. Edward Scissorhands film has very unpredictable plot such that the audience cannot predict what is going to happen next, thus I see it fit to be included in the festival.


Edward Scissorhands film its acting is superb, this is because the film has a lot of comedy and romance within the movie hence very attractive to the audience. The creativity creates a unique feature within the film because some actors like Edward uses scissors to make unique features such as trimming the plants within Mr Bill homestead, shaving dog, and cutting Peg’s hair to unique hair style. Trimming plants to form different shapes of animals such as dinosaur, human and giraffe will make the audience be amazed by the film. During acting, some of the actors will demonstrate the human kindness such as Peg who took Edward home to be part of the family and move him out of isolation. Kim demonstrates character of kindness when Edward will fall while doing the presentation. She asks her boyfriend “what are you laughing? Don’t you think he is hurt?” Mr Bill also demonstrate the caring character where is seen to encourage Edward every now and then as part of his family member, for instance when Edward was trimming plants in the compound he used to encourage him. He was using words like “wow that’s amazing” or “Excellent keep it up”.

Setting. The setting of the film I give it an upper hand in selection of the film to be presented in the festival because it is acted in suburban setup. This gives the film visual boost during acting since in greater part of the film expose the creativity of Edward where he is using scissors hands to make various creative images. My fellow board members I recommend this film to be included festival because will boost audience emotions since the scissors hands is hurting Edward himself, kelvin, Jim and also Kim the daughter to Mr Bill.

Also the movie support emotional boost when some characters in the movie such as Jim hates Edward. However, the hate is displayed when Edward accidentally hurts Kim and Kelvin with scissors hands but Jim takes the action to be an offence while the victims treat it as accident. Kim is telling Jim “He did not skewer me”. Jim Fights Edward but he cuts him on hand while defending himself but police arrests Edward as a result. Later on Jim comes for revenge but tragedy is, Edward kills Jim and throws him out of building.

Criteria used film evaluation

While evaluating Edwards’s Scissorhands film the criteria have used is first the content of the movie, where very close observation I made in the following areas script, creativity, coherence and originality (Malone & Peter 75). I also considered technical excellence as my second criteria, where I looked into the following visual creativity, cinematography, sound and design, editing and special effects in the film. My last criteria is overall quality, in this I consider overall impression, meaningfulness, enjoyment factor, and replay value. To me the Edwards’s Scissorhands film qualify the three main criteria thus must be included in the festival.



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