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Ebola Paper

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It’s 1970, Scientist have discovered a new virus. An Ebola Virus, With outbreaks of severe fevers. The Ebola virus is one of the most violent diseases known to humans it kills 50-90% of its victims. First started on a monkey then spreaded to a person in Africa, able to wipe out a large portion of Africa's population. How could we stop it? In order to completely understand how the virus functions and destroy it, we need to figure out the cause of its existence, and figure out where it exactly came from, from what organism. There are four subtypes of Ebola virus: Ebola Zaire, Sudan, Reston and cote d’ Ivoire. Between June 1976 and july 1996 there were over 1500 cases of ebola and over 1000 deaths since the virus was discovered. An outbreak occurred in northern Uganda in the year 2000.

The effects of Ebola are very frightening, Symptoms can begin anywhere from 4-21 days after contact. Ebola attacks every component of the human body.

Victims experience necrosis in the organs including the liver, kidneys, etc. After you start vomiting and diarrhea is followed by excessive bleeding. You begin to bleed from mouth, tear duct, etc. The victim will bleed internally and externally including your stomach and intestines.

The heart will start to bleed into itself and the brain will be filled with blood. Victims will die in

the final stage. The ebola virus is transmitted by direct contact with blood. As of now there is no way to stop it. The only way if we create a vaccine to fight against it. The host for the ebola virus to involve the African rain forests, Animals have been the source of human infections so far,

From the first epidemic in Zaire and Sudan, Lots of species of animals, have been captured around the thought so start of the outbreak have been tested. The test results for many have been negative on trace of Ebola. After years of searching, it was said that a search will be elsewhere to determine if, by chance, the searches were at the wrong locations. Rather than searching in the heart of the rain forest. On December 19, 1995, a small Ebola scare in Liberia was declared over. In this small outbreak only one person was infected, but he survived. Jasper Chea was infected with the virus while trying to pick up a dead monkey. He recovered in



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