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Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Essay Preview: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

        The book Eat, Pray,  Love was written by Elizabeth Gilbert. This is her best known biography, which was published in 2006 and became an international bestseller and has sold over 10 million copies. Elizabeth was born in Connecticut, USA, and soon became a successful writer. She had everything – a husband, friends, a big house and a good career in New York. But she did not feel happy and realized she did not want any of it. The book is the true story based on Elizabeth Gilbert, and her adventure when searching for meaning of life.

        At the age of thirty-one, Elizabeth realizes that she does not want babies, does not want to be married anymore, and does not know what she wants from life. Her marriage started to break down with insomia, crying in the bathroom and losing weight. After a long, painful and difficult divorce, she pumped into a new relationship with David, her young lover. However,  this affair just only brought more heartbreak, deep depression followed, and in desperation, she started thinking about God. She also came to an old Balinese medicine man for advice. Eventually, she went to a long journey from Italy to Indonesia in order to finding balance in  her life. When in Italy, Elizabeth learnt Italian at language school and made a lot of friends. She explored to every crook and cranny of Italy while trying the best Italian food. Moving on to India, she signed up for a yoga academy where she can pray and meditate everyday. She met Richard, a divorced man and was taught about how to get her anxiety and despair out of her mind. Her final destination was Indonesia, she made a reunion with her medicine man, Ketut Liyer. In Bali, she was back to love again with Felipe the Brazilian guy. Elizabeth bought a house a family who need a place to live, then sailed to the pretty island with her lover.

        Even though this is a famous biography and has a romantic plot, I can not feel sympathize with this woman, Elizabeth Gilbert. In the book, she talked like every thing was her husband's fault when it came to divorce, despite of the fact that she was the one who got bored of her marriage first and soonly gave up. I just think she had been doing wrong with her life when having a  rebound love. Because jumping into a new affair was not a solution to get over a divorce. Moreover, at the beginning, the book is about crying and sadness while everything was her choices, her decision. Then the unhappiness leaded to the divorce and break, as a result, she started running away to other countries to live her life instead of facing up problems. However, in spite of all deficiencies above, all of sceneries, foods and people were described truthfully and colorfully.  I can not deny that this can be an excellent traveling book for people who want to get experiences in Italy, India and Indonesia.



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