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What Is Eating Gilbert Grape?

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Essay Preview: What Is Eating Gilbert Grape?

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‘What is Eating Gilbert Grape?’

‘‘What is Eating Gilbert Grape?’’ is a film directed by Lasse Hallstrom. This film is talking about Gilbert and his family. In the film Gilbert doesn’t feel happy about his family. He has intellectually disabled brother Arnie, Gilbert’s responsibility is always to take care of the Arnie, doesn’t let him be hurt and has two sisters, Amy and Ellen. The most important character in this family is Gilbert’ mum. Sever years ago she lost her husband. And then she doesn’t leave her house for seven years.

Everybody need to take care of her including Gilbert.

But Gilbert doesn’t feel free, and Gilbert needs to change.

Gilbert fell stuck in Endora. Because of his mum’s husband died seven years ago. His mum’s feel really sad and then she ate a lot of food and then she become more and more fat. Now she can’t leave her house by herself and she need her family take care of her. So many things she can finish by herself. So the family the main part is she. Gilbert is a pillar for this family, this family all the money, the hard work depend on his. When he left his town Endora his family nobody can take care of them mum. Arnie count on his to look after. But he no choose he need to finish his responsibility not only son or brother.



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