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Eat Pray Love

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Book’s Report

  1. Introduction: state the title, author, and a brief overview of your opinions of the book.

The book’s title that I read is eat, pray, love. The author’s name is Elizabeth Gilbert. This book tells about the author herself about finding her identity. Her journey began with went to Italy, India and the last, Indonesia. This book is worth to read, because most of the vocabulary easy-to-understand. When the reader began to bored with the story, the author seems knew which part will make the reader got interested again. And the plot of the story is very interesting.

  1. What effect did he/she have on other people or the world? Give specific examples.

When Elizabeth was in Italy, she gave Sofi (Sweden girl who studied Italy together) an advice to enjoy the life, it is not everytime she could enjoy Italian food. This problem sometimes is good for us to think about, we have to enjoy the present moment when we are on vacation, especially when it comes to food. And some of the effects are to us for the reader, that we cannot make decisions very quickly about who will going to be our partner. Some of us cannot make peace with ourselves, so at first we have to learn to control our mind, forgive ourselves and the rest just surrender fully.

  1. What events shaped or changed this person’s life? Give examples.

When she came to Bali, Indonesia, an old medicine man told her a prophecy about her life. At first she just assumed that old man just said some crap prophecy, but until then she realized that she always relented to her own desire. That’s why she always consumed by panic and confusion, not so long she decided to get divorced. Not a long time, she got in a new relationship with a man who was younger than her, and unfortunately the relationship had to come an end too. From that day on, she began to seek some satisfaction and her true identity.

  1. Did he/she overcome obstacles, take risks, get lucky? Give examples.

Many obstacles she had already gotten, like the process of the divorce, how to find a peace, and how to balance the pleasure enjoyment and divine transcendence and  slowly, all of her obstacles, she can manage well. The risk that she took was she will lose a big amount of money when she get divorced and traveled for one year in the different countries, but because she has been a writer from the beginning, she will get the money return too, and at the end she also married to Brazil man that she met in Indonesia, the man’s financial could support her too. She lucky that she has a friendly character, that allows her easy to make some new friends, and fortunately, most of her friends are not bad person.



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