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Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

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Essay Preview: Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

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This movie takes us into the suburbs of the Midwestern United States, to a small town called Endora. Which according to Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) the star and narrator of the movie is a lifeless town and as he narrates the story about his family he tells us all about the town in one eminent sentence which is "living in Endora is like dancing to no music". The director Lesse Hallstrom has done a magnificent job in portraying the screenplay by novelist-screenwriter Peter Hedges also named as What's Eating Gilbert Grape. The central idea of the movie revolves around Gilbert's adoring and motherly relationship with his retarded brother Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

As the movie goes along we get to know a few more characters, and the most important is Momma (Darlene Cates) a 500-pound lady who hasn't left the house since her husband's suicide and pretty much dominates the house of the Grape family. In absence of Momma from her duties, Amy (Laura Harrington) Gilbert's older sister is acting as a substitute mother of the house. The younger sister Ellen (Marry Kate) is rather a selfless and rude teenager. There are two other ladies related to Gilbert, one is an unhappy housew

. . .

This time he teaches Arnie to take a bath by himself and goes back to see Becky who is still waiting for him knowing that Gilbert left her just because he had to put his retarded brother into a bathtub. Although I watched this movie quite along time after it was released in 1992, I would suggest u to plan your next trip to theater for this movie or rent it next time you go to a movie shop. This incident makes Momma very angry with Gilbert and also he himself feels ashamed for what he has done.

This movie is truly a pure drama and contains many emotional and some shocking scenes.

The scene when Arnie climbs up the water tank and



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