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Doppleganger Brand Imaging

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An Analysis on Thompson, Rindfleisch, and Arsel’s “Emotional Branding and the Strategic Value of the Doppelganger Brand Image”

Emotional branding has never been a topic that I have ever had a conversation about nor have I cared much about it. After reading this article I have learned a great deal about emotional branding versus the significance of the doppelganger brand image. Even after reading both sides of the story I believe that there is a need in our society for both aspects.

The emotional branding of a product or entire business is a great strategy in which I have thought about even before I new there was a name for it. It is a great strategy because appealing to the emotions of a potential customer. The customer’s feeling or sensation that they had when viewing the medium of emotional branding will emerge the next time he or she comes into contact or has the opportunity to purchase the advertised item and will then be more inclined to purchase it.

However, the article states there are risks involved and at times businesses go overboard with the attempt to charm the customer. These businesses do not stop at harming even the young customer such as the emotional branding of “Joe Cool”. At this point I believe the other side of the story comes into play to counteract the evilness and cunning, emotional appeal towards youngsters. The doppelganger brand image somewhat neutralizes this unethical attempt to lure them by attempting to disparage the company and to reveal there greedy intentions. This neutralization is also called antibrand activism by the authors of the article and is sometimes called “culture jamming”.

The antibrand activism seems to be an important to society to help the mom and pop stores and also to protect our diverse culture. Companies like Starbucks and Walmart seem to want an “evil empire” capitalist country without a culture. Many interviewees have



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