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Delegation Paper

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Delegation Paper

Delegation is the process in which a supervisor or manager appoints someone or a group of people in their organization to be responsible for a certain project in which they will take authority over and communicate with the management team of the progress and accomplishment of the goal. Currently, I am employed by Halliburton / KBR in which I hold the position as an IT Desktop Support Analyst. I have only worked with this company for the last five months, which is when they decided to take the IT Service Desk back in house, rather than keeping it outsourced with IBM. At the beginning of January 2005, the management team of the Information Technology department begins to analyze the service and quality that IBM provided the company and the cost-effectiveness of the outsourcing, and after thoroughly analyzing, they decided that the most practical business decision would be to bring the Service Desk back in house with Halliburton / KBR employees. After the finalized decision was made to bring the Service Desk back in house by the middle of the year, the management team had to begin delegating different elements of the projects to individuals in order to make this transition from the two companies smooth and maneuver in a way that would not impact the company in a major way.

Organizational Planning

After the final decision returned from management that the contract with IBM would not be renewed and that the Service Desk was still needed to run the business properly, management voted to bring the organization back in house. Because the Service Desk had been outsourced to another company, Halliburton / KBR had to fill 12 positions with Service Desk Analyst, in a short time frame and select a person to be an immediate supervisor for the organization. As the management team begin planning the organization’s return to Houston, they evaluated some of the former IBM’s team of Analyst and decided that they would hire two of their top performers and offer them a permanent position with Halliburton / KBR, so that they could bring their experience and knowledge to assist the new employees that they were going to need to hire. Due to short notice of the organization returning back in house, interviewing technical experienced people who would fit their job description was a tremendous task and because there were some many things that needed to be done in a short time frame, the management teams and the new Service Desk supervisor, thought that it would be best to hire a staffing agency to do the recruiting for the Service Desk Analyst. So they hired RSA Consulting Firm to recruit for the opening positions. Halliburton / KBR management team informed RSA Consulting Firm that they were looking for people with a technical background, a person who possessed excellent customer service skills, and someone who could work flexible hours, due to the organization being run a 24/7 schedule.

Now that Halliburton / KBR management team had come to the conclusion that the



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