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Corporate Culture

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I am not currently working. However, the ideal company I will like to work for is a company where everything is structured. I don't like changes because it takes me time to adapt to change/s. Therefore, I will want to work in a place where everything is standardized, and things are not always being modified in the firm. However, I will want to work in an environment in which their dress code is not formal because my closet is filled with non-formal clothes. And I don't think it is proper to make someone change their entire closet because of work. I will also like a company which can offer me my own private office because I believe I work more efficiently privately, and without having people around me. Most of all, I will like to work in a learning organization where planning and decision making is made involving everyone in the company/organization instead of the top-down approach. I believe that when people at all levels in a company is involve with the planning and decision making in a company, it makes it easier to adapt to any changes in the company since the planning and decision making is collectively.

I will like a company which offers rites of enhancement because I believe a company should train individual who lack training because they might bring something to the company later on which no one else may bring after the training. However, I also believe in the rites of degradation because I believe an employees should be demoted or fired in they aren't doing something right or causing problems in their working environment. Most of all, I believe in the rites of integration where a corporation throw a picnic or Christmas party for their employees. Therefore, employees can meet other employees. A discussion amongst other co-workers may lead to a strategic movement that may improve or benefit the company in the long-run.



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