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Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture Paper

In every walk of life individuals encounter various types of environments or cultures which affect many aspects they are involved in. These cultures are dependent upon the situations and origination of all those impacting the environment. Organizations are also affected by culture and have a culture all of their own. The environment of an organization is commonly referred to as corporate culture and is influenced by many factors. The primary factors which influence corporate culture are the attitudes, beliefs, and values of the individuals responsible for the operations and functions of the organization. The culture of the organization is a reflection of the organization and is a representation of the imaged view by the publics of the organization including customers and communities surrounding the organization. It becomes essential that an organization maintains the proper culture in order to achieve a higher level of customer relations and social responsibilities.

When customer relations are referred to, there is an ethical value that is associated with the concept. It is extremely important for an organization to gain the trust of their customers in order to ensure repeat business from the customers. If the customer feels that they have not had an honest dealing with the organization they will simply find another supplier they can trust. A company must establish and continue to maintain a high level of trust between their customers. This can be easily accomplished if the corporate culture is already structure properly and contains the necessary ethical values to gain and maintain customer trust. By maintaining a high level of integrity, honesty, and forthrightness in all of the company’s dealings, they can gain the trust of their customers and maintain this trust ensuring the return business of the customer. In general, the influence to maintain ethical behavior in customer relations starts at the top of the company and works down or across in the concept of a flat structured organization. According to the NFIB (2003), “When owners and managers are committed to honesty in all dealings with customers, employees throughout the company are encouraged to do the same. In fact, it can be of great benefit for a company when ownership openly encourages honesty in all employees.”

Anytime there are situations such as manufacturing processes, sales or quotes, distribution, and customer service, the opportunity for dishonest and unethical behavior presents itself. Any individual involved with any of these functions has the ability to compromise the values of the organization in a negative manner.

When organizations refer to social responsibilities, they are commonly referring to the responsibility of the organization to be ethical in the treatment of the communities and environment around the organization. Corporate culture also influences the social



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