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Corporate Culture Of Procter & Gamble

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Essay Preview: Corporate Culture Of Procter & Gamble

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This research discusses the corporate culture of the well known Procter & Gamble enterprise, established in 1837. For over 150 years, P&G has defined its corporate culture through their business tactics and way of management. Corporate culture refers to a company's values, beliefs, business principles, traditions, ways of operating, and internal work environment. For over 150 years, Procter & Gamble has worked toward maintaining their standards, which has defined their corporate culture.

Established by William Procter and James Gamble in the mid 1800's, the Procter & Gamble Corporation has had continued success since its first major product, Ivory soap. Procter & Gamble markets everyday products, such as; hair, skin, beauty, home, and fabric care. The corporation is confident in the brands they sell. They maintain Corporate Governance by their principles and values, all of which are stated on their website;

Procter & Gamble uses the letters P&G as their company logo and the colors blue and white on their website. The white and blue colors symbolize the purity that the company tried to express when they first marketed Ivory soap. Ivory soap is just one of the many products distributed by Procter & Gamble that customers use in their everyday lives. The Corporations slogan: "Touching Lives. Improving Life" corresponds with the products they distribute. With this slogan, Procter & Gamble wants their customers to know that their company is aware that the products they distribute are important to people's everyday lives. The language they use in the website is easy for the general public to understand, showing that they work for people. Upon studying their site, it is apparent that their values, principles, commitments and ideologies all work toward accomplishing their objective, which they say is "to provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve lives of consumers." These aspects allow for further speculation in Procter & Gamble's corporate culture.

Procter & Gamble wants consumers and customers to know the integrity of the company through the values they uphold, which are stated clearly on their website. As a company, P&G values leadership; they want to be the leading corporation in their products sold. They also value the aspect of ownership and feel it is necessary for the company leaders to all act as owners and treat the company as it is their own. They feel that if the employees feel as though they own part of the corporation, they will strive for further success of Procter & Gamble. To maintain the value of ownership, the leaders of Procter & Gamble encourage employees to become shareholders. This idea was established bye William Cooper Gamble, who felt that if employees were also shareholders, their interests and motivations would be inseparable from the company's.

In addition to the values already stated, Procter & Gamble made it clear in their website that they act with the "culture standards/traditions" in mind. This encourages the idea of a functionalist organizational culture. P&G feels that if they follow the standards set by the company's morals (stated clearly as being honest with one another and always trying to do the right thing) that in turn, "consumers will reward [them] with leadership



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