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College Prepares People for Life

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Colleges Prepare People For Life

By going to College you expand your knowledge and your chances of getting a job. With a good job comes good opportunities, a good reputation, and a feeling of purpose. There is data that shows that the highest progressing jobs require, at the minimum, a college degree. The odds of a college graduate being employed are much more likely than those with only a high school diploma, and because of that their earnings will be higher as well. In the midst of our globally competitive economy college graduates are the successors.

When someone obtains a college degree they get invited into a world of open doors and great opportunities. By telling someone you graduated college and received a degree in something, no matter what it is, they automatically think more highly of you. Whether it’s your employer, professor, business partner, judge, or random person on the street if you're engaging in a conversation with them and they find out you dedicated time out of your life to extend your education, they’ll automatically respect you more as it shows determination and drive, which are two amazing qualities to find in a person. As a college graduate you’ll be seen as a more focused, intelligent individual, and that will give you a good reputation.

According to Freeman Hrabowski, not only does college prepare you for a job, but more importantly it prepares you for life. By researching a variety of colleges that might be your perfect fit, the knowledge of yourself and your personal preferences are expanded . Among the 4,700 colleges and universities some are large, filled with thousands of students, and others are smaller. In order for someone to pick the right college they need to know the type of environment they perform best in. By doing this college is preparing them for life by helping them figure out whether they like



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