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Carter Cleaning Company Case Study

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Essay Preview: Carter Cleaning Company Case Study

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Case Study

Read the Continuing Case: Carter Cleaning Company, Introduction in Dessler (Seventh Edition) and answer the following questions. Note that the questions below are NOT exactly the same as those in the text.

Jennifer asks that you make a list of five specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with.

When Jennifer starts out with Caters Cleaning Company there is sure to be issues she will need to grapple with at some point. Five specific human resource problems that Jennifer may encounter would be:

First, would be recruitment. Finding the right people for the job can be difficult. From the Way of The Shephard, the candidate must have the talents to do the job. They need to be motivated to complete their work to the best of their ability. They will need a positive can-do attitude, this will extend into helping the growth of the company, and lastly, they will need to have a personality that will work with and alongside the other employees. (Leman& Pentak, 2004)

In a country where there are local, state, and federal laws, there is many things Jennifer will need to keep in mind especially when it comes to laws created and upheld by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Jennifer will need to review the laws as she may encounter law suit from employees from things ranging from harassment to discrimination. (Dessler, 2013)

The third HR problem Jennifer may meet will be with training of the employees. Jennifer will need to make sure that all employees are up to date with job specific training to keep them educated and productive. Training increases productivity and allows for with growth of the business and personal growth of the employees. This will also help with determining pay raises and promotions.

The forth HR problem would be employee retention. Training employees cost companies thousands of dollars and losing a trained employee is very costly. Although from The Way of The Shephard book, employees with the greener-grass syndrome can infect the other employees so sometimes it is best to cut you bets. (Leman& Pentak, 2004)

The last HR problem I can see Jennifer confronting would be that of the paperwork. Not only will Jennifer have to handle the other four issue she will also have to oversee the paperwork such as rules and regulation of the company, the employee handbook, the paperwork that need to be filed in accordance with the local, state and federal laws.

Although Jennifer will see issues arise as long as she follows Proverbs 3:5 she will be ok. Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

She also asks: what would you do first if you were me, Jennifer Carter?

If I were Jennifer Carter I would evaluate the current employees. Like the in our book The Way of The Shepard, I believe Jennifer needs to get to know the condition of her flock. Jennifer should get to know all the employees one by one, hear their need and then begin to see where she can make effective changes. This may be in terminating the employees, changing policies, or even moving employees to where they can best be utilized.  



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