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Airline Companies Case Study

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Swot analysis


Strengths – The main quality of any airline companies is the item itself- - air travel. In spite of downturns, after some time air travelling keeps on developing because of populace development, as well as because of an expanded inclination to fly.

Another quality is the well being record, and the related open acknowledgement of air go as both a quick and safe approach to travel. Both conventional, brand perceived air crafts and new minimal effort transporters share this quality.

Carrier staff is very prepared and experienced, from pilots and flight specialists to mechanics and ground staff.

Business  carriers can fragment the business sector, even on the same courses. This permits air crafts to build up various levels of administration and settle on related evaluating choices. (by Jeff Fulton , 2007)

Driving administrator in UAE and GCC residential local business sector.

Solid local air terminal vicinity particularly new Al Maktoum air port terminal. Likewise the biggest number of travellers flying in the district.

Less local rivalry of minimal effort carrier.(by Ghadeer Al Alawi on 14th December 2015)


Carriers have a high "deterioration" rate contrasted with most different commercial enterprises. Once a flight leaves the entryway, an unfilled seat is lost and non-income creating.

Air ship is costly and requires immense capital expenses. The arrival on speculation can be not the same as arranged.

Vast workforces spread over expansive geographic zones, including global focuses, require consistent correspondence and checking. This can be exacerbated amid operational anomalies, for example, terrible climate.  

While the business atmosphere can change rapidly, carriers experience issues rolling out speedy timetable and air ship improvements because of leases, staffing duties and different variables.

Experiences a low profitability. (Fuel cost)

The unit expense of the aircraft is high contrasted and bigger carriers. (Size of plane body and number of travellers).

Set number of air terminals prepared for minimal effort carrier.(by Ghadeer Al Alawi on 14th December 2015)


Carrier business sector development offers persistent extension open doors for both recreation and business destinations. This is especially valid for worldwide destinations.



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