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Career Readiness Certification - Tips for Interviews

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Essay Preview: Career Readiness Certification - Tips for Interviews

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Ben Vincent


Career Readiness Certification

27 April 2015

Tips for Interviews

There are many things one can do to prepare for an interview. The top 4 things someone can do to prepare for interviews are research, review questions, look professional and sell. Through these fours tips anyone can be successful at an interview.

First off, research the company! Look up the company’s reports and earning for the past few years. See how this could relate to an interview question. Let the interviewer know that you’re interested in the future of the company and are up to date. It would not go well if you went into an interview and practically knew very little about the company’s future growth, products, and its past as well.

Next, review questions you might be asked. Try practicing in a room answering the questions that are typically asked at interviews. Be confident in the answers you give as well. Possibly have an appropriate person listen to your responses and give constructive criticism. This will sharpen your skills even further.

Third, dress professional and be punctual. Most employers will make an impression on you within the first minute they see you. Make that first impression outstanding. Dress appropriate for the job you are about to get an interview for. Don’t wear a tuxedo to an interview at McDonalds or Kroger but dress appropriate. Also be early to the interview. Showing up even five minutes late to an interview looks extremely unprofessional and says a lot about the employee you could be.

Lastly, sell, sell, and sell! Remember you are competing against maybe tens or even hundreds of other candidates. Make yourself seem like the best product out there. One needs to persuade the employer to buy you as an employee.

Through these fours steps hopefully one can be as successful as possible for an interview. Although, there are many other tips one can use to be better keep these four in mind and use them as a base for interviews.


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