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Can Apple Maintain Its Unique Strategic Position?

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Essay Preview: Can Apple Maintain Its Unique Strategic Position?

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 My opinion is that Apple Company cannot sustain its strategic position in future for about 5 to 10 years and it cannot maintain its current position in the futuremarket.


The first reason I want to give is that apple is just relying on its I phone sales and not giving importance to its Macintosh OS.

The second reason why apple faced loss in the market is that  without Steve jobs there was no innovation in the company .

Third  reason is that apple cannot grow in the future is because of its prices because the company is just targeting certain users in the market.

Four reason is that the competitors of Apple are affecting its market by launching new devices.


I am going to defend my reasons with the points in my defense.The profit of apple is relying on just its Iphone sales and its other products including Macintosh OS aren’t generating any profit.The devices which the company are selling in the market are high price  and it’s a competitive advantage for its competitor because it is selling the sameproduct at half price at which Apple is selling the product and customer prefer to purchase the product of its competitor. In future the competitors of APPLE are so strong that it Is launching new devices  in the market whereas Apple is just  focusing on Iphone and extending its iphone sets such as Iphone 6,7,8 without any advanced capabilities and its loyal customers are shifting towards its competitors such as Samsung because of better user experience. Apple is not changing its strategy because they have a fear in past after steve jobs left apple the New CEO Of the company changed the strategy they sold  copies of Macintosh Operating systems in the market and partnering with small companies for just 50$ which afftected its sales and the users of Macintosh preferred to buy INTEL based PC’S they faced losses so if they changed their strategy again they will face loss.APPLE is targeting certain users in its market . APPLE is targeting those of its 20% customers who are generating 80% profit for the company.



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