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Business Letter

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John Doe

12345 Grand Palace Lane

Washington, DC 20003

November 8, 2005

Dr. Loretta Rhames

Data Systems Plus

55567 Intheknow Avenue

Washington, DC 20001

Dear Dr. Rhames:

I am writing in response to your recent announcement of an available level two technical communicator position. I believe that my three years at Data Systems Plus and my B.A. in Technical Communication from the University of Maryland University College will qualify me for the position.

In my time as a level one technical communicator, I have obtained extensive knowledge of our products, procedures and goals. I provide copyright and editing for our monthly magazine. I have also written 5 pamphlets for trade show production and I solely created the recruiting packet for new customers. Currently, my role as project leader has allowed me to guide the production side of new pamphlets and to provide guidance to team members to finish the project under budget and ahead of schedule. My extensive knowledge of our production procedures will help me solve any challenges that may arise.

I have taken leadership training workshops and supervised employees as an employee at Digital Vision. My management training classes at UMUC will allow me to lead the team in a positive direction. My time as a member of the debate team and extemporaneous speech team will allow me to speak with confidence to the board of directors and provide them with concise yet informative reports. The skills I obtained through class work and practical supervisory roles will allow me to be a fair yet guided supervisor. Communication is the key to a positive and



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