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Proposal Letter To Business

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November 21, 2005

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Dear Mr. Stewart:

I am writing you regarding the current customer service practice within your store. I understand that in the retail business world there is a high turnover rate. Nonetheless, customer satisfaction and good customer service are necessary for the success of any retail chain. There are employees at your location, who do provide good customer satisfaction, and those who seem not to care.

I recently visited your store to purchase various items for the annual Fort Sill Army Family Action Plan Conference: 3-5 October 2005. The staff in your bakery was absolutely wonderful and provided very professional services. This is was not an easy task for them due to our having to pick up the bakery items within a few hours of the bakery opening. Nonetheless, the bakery staff completed the order for 150 people each day with a smile and thanked me. I want to personally thank each and every one of the bakery staff for their level of professionalism and friendliness.

Unfortunately, not all of your store employees are as friendly as your bakery staff. For example, the cashier's who were manning your checkout stands on all three days were unfriendly and rude. I never received a smile or a "Thank You" from any of the three cashiers.

It is not just limited to this instance. I live on the east side of Lawton/Fort Sill. I only come to your store when absolutely necessary. I would rather pay Country Mart's high retail prices and receive a courteous, smiling face, than to deal with rude, unfriendly people of your store. I have had cashier's argue with me over price stickers on an item versus what the register was showing. However, please know that I would drive the long distance from my home to shop at your location if your employees were better trained and showed some improvement in their customer service skills.

I have over sixteen years working in the retail business field. I know what good customer service is and your store is lacking in it, with one or two exceptions, such as the bakery. I am dissatisfied that a company such as Wal-Mart fails to properly train their employees in good customer service techniques. I realize they receive the CBL training. However, it is not sufficient for an employee to provide good customer service once they hit the sales floor! I took this training when I previously worked for the company and it was very lacking in technique. How can a machine teach friendliness and courtesy? I have often wondered why that Wal-Mart does not have one-on-one customer training. New hires need experienced employee mentors within the company. According to Eva Kaplan-Leiserson, there are two ways to head off the majority of customer complaints: 1.) Improve your system, and 2.) Improve individual staff's performance (TD August 2004). There is a known fact in



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