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Business Ideas For Those Without Ideas

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Essay Preview: Business Ideas For Those Without Ideas

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Business Ideas for Those Without Ideas

Garage Organizer Service: The home makeover industry has attacked almost every space in a typical household. Yet, the last frontier is the garage. How many households have given over their indoor parking space to other uses such as storage, hobbies and general junk disposal.

WinSide: a tool that provides the car owner an easy way to wash the inside of the windshield in my car without having to hang upside down to get into the edges.

The Foundary: This is a key-ring (or other device monitor) that you could ring with a phone call, like a mobile phone, when you lose it in the house.

The CoatPack : In winter, students often wear a back pack over their coat. What if your coat and your back pack were one thing. This would adapt for out door activity such as skiing or hiking as well as toting school supplies.

Attachable Pockets for Clothing: Have you noticed that clothing today hardly ever has inside pockets. With cost-saving designers, some clothing has no pockets at all. Inside pockets are the most secure place to stash stealables such as cash, passports, and credit cards. This product provides a safe, secure alternative than carrying things in purses and packs.

McRestroom: Have you gone to the shore for a day of sand and surf and couldn’t find a clean public shower or restroom where you could clean up? Long lines, disgusting conditions and “no changing in restroom” signs thrwart cleanups. What if you could operate a trailer full of clean, comfortable shower & changing facilities for daytrippers.

Parkmycar: an online marketplace for parking spaces. Going to the city, to campus, with hard to find parking spaces. This service enables drivers to search for and book spaces before they leave home, and let



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