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Bibliography on Music History

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  1. Kelly, Thomas Forrest. Music Then and Now. New York City: W. W. Norton & Company, 2012.

In this book, it tells a full extension introduction of western music which explained the origin of the music, the composer’s life experience, the understanding of the music and so on. Which I reference is one chapter talking about Claudio Monteverdi and his opera. I use this reference when I mention the background of Monteverdi when he composed the L’Orfeo, and the understanding of the opera.

  1. Kutzman, Jeffrey. Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music. Iowa City: Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, 2012.

As the background telling of the music in the seventeenth- century, this scholar journal gives a good introduction to it. In this journal, Monteverdi as the specific composer in that special time period, the music he composed is a model of that time period. In the introduction and the body paragraphs, where I mention the background, I use this source as a reference.

  1. Orfeo - Monteverdi. Dir. Brian Large. Perf. Zanasi, Figueras, Mingardo. Orfeo - Monteverdi. Youtube, 21 June 2013. Web. 26 Sept. 2016.

This is a long recorded opera which produced by Hans Petri and directed by Brain Large. This long full opera gives the full period, and there are many instruments used in this opera. I get the understanding and analysis of the relationship and connections between instruments and the emotions from this video.

  1. Russell, William F. Classic Myth to Read Aloud: The Great stories of Greek and Roman Mythology. New York City: Broadway Books, 1992.

This is a book which contain the most complete collections of the classic myths. The myth of Orpheus is one of them. I will use this source when I am talking about the myth of the Orpheus which relation to the music. the easy understanding of the myth helps me understanding the myth of Orpheus.

  1. Simon, Henry W. 100 Great Operas and their stories: Act by Act Synopses. New York City: Anchor Book, 1989.

This book contains the famous operas which time period is in the early seventeenth. The operas of Monteverdi are specially telling in this book. Because the masterworks of Monteverdi and Purcell to the modern classic of Menotti and Britten, the chosen of this book can give a good analysis to the myth. I use this source as the supplement of myth telling and the background the the opera. In order to understand more of the opera, I easy choose this simple but not least source as a reference.

  1. StGeorge, Jenifer and Holbrook, Allyson and Cantwell, Robert. “Affinity for music: A study of the role of emotion in musical instrument learning” International Journal of Music Education 32.3 (2014) 264-277.

This is a research that explored the emotions are the experienced through either the formal structure of the music or the symbolic message. Thought my thesis is talking about how people can express the emotion not only through the words they speaking, the actions they made, also can be told by the melody or timbre of the instruments. So through out this scholar journal, I use it as a supplement research to supply my point and made it.



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