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Bible As History

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The Bible is right after all..... . . . Dr. Keller ended the Introduction to this volume with these words and appropriately so. The Bible stands as the greatest work of literature and history this world has ever seen or will see. It is the all-time bestselling book. There is more tangible physical evidence for the Bible than for any other work of literature. Those who contend otherwise simply have not studied the Bible, relying on hearsay and speculation instead; or refuse to believe its truth; or ignore the crushing weight of historiographical and archaeological evidence the 20th century has produced in corroboration with the Biblical accounts. Dr. Keller's work addresses the last issue: fitting the pieces of peoples past with where and when the Bible said they existed.

"The Bible as History" was the first volume documenting the many archaeological finds in Palestine and the Middle East supporting the Biblical text. Prior to its first publication in 1955, there were no such works--only stacks of assorted reports from archaeologists from their digs. Since 1955, the book has sold over 10 million copies in 24 languages. In the meantime, Biblical archaeology has evolved as a hard science, yielding fresh data by the day.

This work traces all major discoveries relating to the Biblical text from Genesis 1:1 to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The chapters are arranged chronologically to coincide with the Canon. There are three sets of black and white color plates and many illustrations and maps throughout the volume.

The book reads like a detective story. Dr. Keller begins his sleuthing from the Biblical text and works forward through history to attach archaeological finds to the verses. In doing so, he never gives the answer away prematurely, but entices the reader along until he or she truly realizes the impact of the magnificent discoveries. At times, the data contradict what the Bible says. Dr. Keller lays all the facts



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