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Beauty of the Philippines

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Do you want to be mesmerized by the beauty of batanes ? To experience the crystal clear water and beautiful sand bar of kalanggaman Island ? Or to witnessed how beautiful the Niagara falls of the Philippines, the Tinuy-an falls ? Visit now the 7,107 island of the Philippines and for you to be convince more. I will expound more about the places stated.

BATANES, a picturesque setting in the northernmost island province of the Philippines remains to be a dream travel destination for many. From its green rolling hills under the blue skies to harmonious landscapes and seascapes to cobblestone-walled houses topped with cogon roof to the quaint way of living of the Ivatans (locals), the “home of the winds” continues to amaze visitors.

KALANGGAMAN ISLAND, is  shaped like a bird, reason why its name is derived from the local word “langgam”  that means bird. This sandbar off the coast of Palompon, Leyte has gained popularity in recent years, but it has long been a local secret.  Kalanggaman is hemmed in by palm-studded, cream sand and lapped by swirling, crystal sea.

TINUY-AN FALLS, the little Niagara Falls of the Philippines. One of the most visited tourist spot and attraction in Surigao Del Sur. Located at Barangay Borboanan in Bislig city. The waterfalss spans at 95 meters wide with a 55 meters plunge fromits three cascading falss. The water that drapes and cascades through the three waterfls features a curtain of white froth that makes Tinuy-an Falls worth the long travel. Aside from this, the whole area is teeming with lush vegetation and tall trees that makes the waterfalls more appealing.

So what are u waiting for ? Pack your things and book your flights. To see the wonders of the Philippines for as long P50,000, book now for reservations. Just contact us.



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