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Assessing Hrm Effectiveness

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Essay Preview: Assessing Hrm Effectiveness

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#Q1: Organization effectiveness

Organization effectiveness has its basis on the ability of allocating the right jobs to the right

people. However, there are some factors that cannot be measured although; all business

functions should be measurable in economical criteria. The most valuable thing is to be

able to provide evidence of how the function is profitable or of assistance to the growth

and development to the organization (Stone, 2011). For instance; employee counseling

holds a valuable level of significance in any organization that is trying to maximize on

returns. It is particularly hard to determine how the counseling sessions have contributed to

the improvement of the employee. This is because; it is impossible to quantify the level of

improvement based on the attendance of the sessions. This shows that not everything in HR

programs can be measured. Therefore, I agree with the view that not all that matters can be


#Q2: HR climate

HR climate is a lay down of characteristics, preferred in employees, policies and the working

conditions in an organization. They are factors which influence growth and dynamic in

productivity. HR climate consists of the structure and culture of an organization. This

influences the employees to have focus on achieving of goals while endeavoring to retain

the beliefs and customs that exists in the organization (Stone, 2011. HR climate can be

measured by evaluating different functions in an organization. The size of the organization is

paramount to this effect. Managerial values, ethos, leadership style and economic conditions

of the organization can be measured.

#Q3: Employee turnover and absenteeism

Employee turnover and absenteeism cannot be blamed on the external factors only.

According to Stone (2011), there are internal factors that can also be subject to these



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