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Line Managers Perceived Hrm Implementation Effectiveness

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Essay Preview: Line Managers Perceived Hrm Implementation Effectiveness

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Line managers perceived HRM implementation effectiveness

From the survey results in table 2 one can deduce that the department of health is still trapped in the traditional way of executing HR roles and responsibilities. From the results it is clear that the line managers still believe that they play minimal role in HR policies implementation, they still view HR task as belonging HR unit and nothing to do with them as line managers. So line managers are therefore not effective in the HRM implementation.


Results depicted in table 3 are aimed at establishing the extent to which the department of health support line managers in carrying out their HR roles and responsibilities. Based on the survey responses the high percentage relatively indicate that there is no organisational support to encourage line managers to execute their HR roles and responsibilities.

Individual Capacity (Role overload)

From the table 6 survey responses one can infer that there is generally lack of understanding that line managers’ has HR roles and responsibilities within their units. So they are apparently exonerated from their HR responsibilities and hence 40% maintain that HR tasks do not lead to workload that is too heavy.

Autonomous motivation

In table 7 the survey illustrate a huge percentage of line managers who admit failure to try their best in their HR responsibilities. Furthermore 93.4% admit that they would not like to be good supervisors. From these two elements considering the percentage as depicted in the table it goes without saying that the managers are not well motivated to execute their HR roles and responsibilities.

HR Support

Table 8 results of the survey provide a basis to conclude that although there are endeavours within the department for HR unit to support the line managers it is just not sufficient. The survey results are around 50 % for support in terms of resources and expertise which is just an average.



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