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Ap Us History

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Reconstructing A Nation

Part 1: Using your text, prezi, primary documents, and internet sources complete the following chart. Fill in All empty boxes. Answer using complete sentences.


Summarize Topic

Is the Impact (positive or negative) Social, Economic, or Political?

Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan

Southern states could rejoin if 10% pledge an oath of allegiance to the US

It was a positive political impact

Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan

Southern states could join and people could have their original land back

this was a negative political impact

Congress’ Reconstruction Plan (Reconstruction Act of 1867)

The south was divided into 5 divisions which would be occupied by troops to enforce laws and protect the blacks

this was a positive political impact

The Freedman’s Bureau

It aided blacks to find new homes and jobs. It also could investigate and prosecute southerners

this was a positive political and social and economic

Elected officials who were African American

Because the union army protected election sites, African Americans were elected to political office. This included many local officials, state legislators, two governors, and two US senators.

this was a negative social and positive political

Share-Cropping (Tenant Farming)

People who needed money could work for someone and stay on their land and in return would have to grow crops and give the owner a share



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