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Ap Synthesis Paper

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Television, which first began covering politics in the 1960's, is having a poor affect on politics as a whole. Congressional hearings, debates, and nominating conventions are all being televised. The exposing of unwanted information and sophomoric ideas (source C) is going overboard. Also, it is making people look at images more than words and beliefs.

Media coverage on political events is getting too large. Television covers everything from debated to congressional hearings. People seem to think that, after watching television, they know more about politics than they actually do know. A large number of people are getting too close to politics. Media coverage came from a boom in the early 1960's, and the belief was that a new era was opening in public communication; it turned out this belief was true.

Politics on television is going overboard and is often "serious and sophomoric" (source B.) "Presidents are losing their distinctiveness as social actors and hence are often judged but standards formerly used to assess rock singers and movie stars," as said by Roderick Hart in Source B. The quote expressed that political figures are now judged like celebrities, in the sense that their appearance and clothing is either stylish or outdated. Bill Clinton was asked on April 20, 1992, by MTV, whether he wore boxers or briefs. These kinds of questions reveal that some aspect of politics is getting childish and sophomoric (B.)

Image plays a huge role in politics. People are looking at the image of the political figures, rather than thoughts and beliefs. "Scruffy" (C) candidates are looked down upon, as dirty, and people often say, "I don't want someone like that as my President." Take the Kennedy and Nixon election for instance. Kennedy might not of had the best views but he won because he was "crisp" and Nixon was "fuzzed", as said by Theodore H. White in Source C.




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