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I chose response number two as my way of annotating this piece of work by Adam Forest. I agree with his views on this commercial by TIGI hair products. According to him, this commercial portrayed a woman that looked as if she had been brutally beaten, and her head was shaking violently. In my mind this is no way to portray a women. A make-up commercial should not look anything like what the TIGI hair product commercial did. Adam gave a good view of what the commercial looked like. I believe many people who may have seen the commercial would have the same point of view as me.

Adam then compared the commercial as being a sexist commercial. He then interviewed an anti-sexist Phyllis Thode, who happened to own a hair salon of her own. She had been a buyer of TIGI hair products until she saw their commercial. She then wrote the president of TIGI, telling him how upset she was with their advertising techniques. I agree with Phyllis as well. If I were a buyer of TIGI and saw an advertisement like that I would strongly consider my buying relationship with them.

TIGI's main audience was young American teens. It encouraged them to start wearing make-up as if they had been beaten up. This is the wrong message to show to young teen girls. With a sexual assault happening every 45 seconds. This kind of advertising needs to stop. I completely agree with Adam and Phyllis' point of views. We all need to come together and counter act this culture direction which American society is headed.



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