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Gay And Lesbian Annotated

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Brooks, D., Goldberg, S., (2001).Gay and lesbian adoptive and foster care placements:

Can they meet the needs of waiting children? Social Work 46, (2): 147-158.

Gay men and lesbians have many challenges regarding their personal and social relationships. "They encounter significant scrutiny and unwarranted complications in their efforts to adopt children or to become foster parents." This research gives major implications for practice as well as directions for further research.

Drucker, J (2001). Lesbian and gay families speak out: Understanding the joys and challenges of diverse family life. Perseus Publishing.

This book is an in-depth look at gay and lesbian parenting in America. There is an estimated six to fourteen million children living with a gay or lesbian parent. "This creates a real need for accurate information for and about the realities of these families. Lesbian and Gay families speak out honestly about the variety of issues they face: from interpersonal relationships and sexual and psychological development, to coming out, dealing with prejudice, and finding a spiritual foundation." The book uses stories from two dozen families in which gay fathers and lesbian mothers are raising their children in a wide variety of settings styles. This book shows that their children are thriving in an environment of love.



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