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Annotated Bibliographery

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Annotated Bibliography Checkpoint

Com 220

June 16, 2010

Archibold, R (2010) Arizona Enacts Stringent law on immigration.

This article gives up to date information about immigration. It talks about the new Arizona bill that was passed earlier this year. The article shows both sides of immigration debate.

Cho, H (2006) Immigration taking U.S. Jobs, report says. Night Ridder Tribune. Business news.

Page 1.

This article states facts and gives reports on immigration and jobs. This article is not a long article but the information that it states is very important information.

End Illegal Immigration (2008) Americans for legal immigration. Political action committee,

Also known as ALIPAC.

This good article gives more details and facts in different areas on illegal immigration. It goes from the history all the way, to what is going on in today's immigration status.

Echaveste, M. (2008) The American Prospect. Magazine/Journal.

This is a credited article from the university library on seeing the other side of immigration. It focuses more on the employers trying to keep giving bad jobs to immigrants. Instead of improving the work conditions, more Americans would want to work for that employer.

Kasich, J. (2006) Americans Compete with Immigrants for Jobs. News wire. Fox news channel.

In this interview between the director of research, center for immigration studies, the interviewer and the immigration attorney, they each give sides on the putting up a fence to keep immigrants out. They each



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