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Pixar Canada

Pixar Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Project: Pixar Canada

Job Duties(s): Animation (Character), Animation (Object)

Software Utilized: Softimage, XSI, MAYA

Required Spoken Language(s): English

Required Work Auth.: Canada

Start Date: Aug 2010

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About Pixar Canada

Pixar Canada is looking for several Animators for its new studio in Vancouver. Pixar Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pixar Animation Studios, the world leader in animated films. The Vancouver studio will produce short-form animation focusing on legacy Pixar characters from films such as Toy Story and Cars. This is an opportunity to help build a world-class organization from the ground-up and to be part of a diverse and talented team.

Summary of Position

An Animator creates the motions, gestures, and expressions of three-dimensional computer graphics characters and objects.

General Duties and Responsibilities

*Receive with each assigned shot: storyboards, story reels, recorded dialogue, set layout, and direction. The Director shows each new sequence in layout and describes what is expected for every shot at a "blocking meeting"

*Read soundtrack and plan shot

*Block in movements in rough animation and show for the Director's approval in a daily review




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