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Analysis Of A Global Company-Bharat Forge

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Essay Preview: Analysis Of A Global Company-Bharat Forge

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Analysis of a Global Company - BHARAT FORGE

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE ____________________________________ 3

BACKGROUND______________________________________________ 3

MILESTONES _______________________________________________ 4

GLOBAL PRESENCE ________________________________________ 5


Acquisitions ________________________________________________________ 5

DE-RISKING: A BUSINESS STRATEGY___________________ 7

Diversification _____________________________________________________ 7

FINANCIALS _______________________________________________ 8

OUTLOOK___________________________________________________ 9

Positives ___________________________________________________________ 9

Negatives __________________________________________________________ 9

CONCLUSION._____________________________________________ 10

SOURCES __________________________________________________ 11


Global Perspective

It's a surprising fact: The world's largest factory for forgings - parts for

engines, axels and the like - sits not in Detroit, Tokyo or Stuttgart, but in the

industrial city of Pune.

The factory, equipped with gleaming robots and networked with plants

overseas for technical support, belongs to Bharat Forge, foremost among a

group of auto parts companies that are rapidly putting India on the world

map for manufacturing.

Bharat Forge has embraced a strategy that includes heavy investment in

technology, a scientifically skilled workforce, and aggressive overseas


With revenue exceeding $1 Billion, Bharat Forge's success offers a roadmap

to other ambitious Indian manufacturing firms. It's a classic example of a

company with an entrepreneurial management team that understands the

global industry well.

"Information technology leveraged India's intellectual power in services,"

says Amit Kalyani, executive director of Bharat Forge. "We're doing the same

in manufacturing. "


Bharat Forge Ltd (BFL) is one of the most innovative and exciting companies

to emerge in the history of the forging industry. BFL is the flagship company

of the US $ 2.1 billion Kalyani Group.

It is a leading global 'Full Service Supplier' of forged and machined - engine

& chassis components. It is the largest exporter of auto components from

India and leading chassis component manufacturer in the world. The

company manufacturers a wide range of safety and critical components for

passenger cars, commercial vehicles and diesel engines. The company also

manufactures specialized components for the railway, construction

equipment, oil & gas and other industries.

Bharat Forge has been investing in creating State-of-the-art facilities, worldclass

capacities and capabilities. It has built up a strong capability in design

and engineering, including a full fledged product testing and validation

facility, which gives Bharat Forge a Full Service Supply Capability - from

product conceptualization to designing to manufacturing and product testing

& validation.


Its customer base includes virtually every global automotive OEM and Tier I

supplier. Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, BMW, General Motors, Volkswagen, Audi,

Renault, Ford, Volvo, Caterpillar - Perkins, Iveco, Arvin Meritor, Detroit

Diesel, Cummins, Dana Corporation, Honda, Scania and several others

source their complex forging requirements including machined crankshafts,

front axle beams and steering knuckles from Bharat Forge.


1961 Incorporation


Technical agreement with SIFCO, USA for hammer forging


1966 Start of hammer shop commercial production

1972 Execution of maiden export order to Greece


Technical agreement with Tokyo Drop Forge, Japan for technology

up-gradation and quality improvement for hammer forgings


Entry in the erstwhile USSR market by winning a large contract for

under carriage components



Major breakthrough in the developed markets of Japan, USA and

UK for the critical suspension and engine components like front

axle beams and machined crankshafts

1993 ISO 9002 accreditation




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