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Gap Analysis: Global Communication

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Essay Preview: Gap Analysis: Global Communication

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Global Communications is under huge economic pressure such as its stock traded plunge to $11 per share today from $28 per share three years ago. They found the root of the problem is too much competition for the same business. Especially the cable companies offer the complete package deals which including plain old telephone service (POT), televisions, and encompassing computers. The Global Communications senior leadership decides to compete in local market and step up their globalization. The company announces their outsourcing of its technical support jobs to India and Ireland. This action creates a great deal of issues such as communication plans need for employee, union management. Global Communications also needs to uphold their philosophy as "Our Edge Is People" by communicating their lay off implementation plan in parallel with their future end-state goal to the employees. The paper will show the company situations and their vision in the future.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The major event that leads to the issue of Global Communications needing to communicate to the employees about new strategy of globalization and outsourcing was the announcement of "Mega-giant Global Communications announced yesterday that it will outsource thousands of its technical support jobs to new call centers in Ireland and India. Though some domestic employees will be relocated to other jobs within the company, a significant layoff is expected." (Scenario two: Global Communications, University of Phoenix)

Global Communications needs to communicate to Technologies Workers Union management. The event that lead up to this being an issue was in the Senior Staff Meeting the VP in human resources mentioned the need to work with the Union.

The other issue Global Communications needs to overcome is having an implementation plan about lay off and salary cut in parallel with future company goals to keep employee morale up. The event that lead up to this being an issue was the Executive VP of Consumer marketing and Sales, brought up the concern in a Senior Staff meeting about the layoffs and morale. He does not want employee acknowledge this plan through grapevine communication channel because "Grapevine information is sometimes so distorted that it escalates rather than reduces employee anxiety. This is most likely to occur when the original information is transmitted through several people rather than through one or two people. Furthermore, employees develop more negative attitudes toward the organization when management is slower than the grapevine in communicating information." 1

In making ready for Technologies Workers Union action, Global Communications needs to prepare for government inquiries and worst case scenario on Union action as calling for employee strike. An email was sent between the president of Technologies Workers Union and the CEO of global Communications that triggered this becoming an issue.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

One conflicting interest is between the Senior Leadership Team and the Union Management. The leadership team has an interest in keeping the company going and improving yet the union has the same interest but in order to survive they can call for a



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