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America Is Not Ready For A Woman President.

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Essay Preview: America Is Not Ready For A Woman President.

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America is not ready for a woman President.

A woman for President is definitely a debatable topic. There are many opinions on this subject today, especially with Hillary Rodham Clinton running for president in 2008. In other countries woman have been making great leaders for centuries. We as Americans should be more concerned with the individual's believes, experience, and morals instead of sex of the individual. The constitution says all "men are created equal", this translates to "all men and woman are created equal." It is inevitable that one day a woman will be Voted into the white house, but due to the ongoing war in Iraq, the terrorist attacks, and the general state of our country and military I have strong reasons to believe it will not be in the 2008 elections.

For century's woman have been proven to be strong, smart, and successful leaders. Many countries have named woman presidents, Queens, and other positions of political power. For example Ireland's President Mary McAleese, Finland's President Tarja Halonen, Jamaica's Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, and United Kingdom of Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II.

Although it is very impressive to watch the way Mrs. Clinton has handled her last five years as a cool headed senator. As well as the fact that the right woman could and would posses the type of rationale thinking, power, as well as the smarts it takes to run our country. Today, 55 percent of those polled think America is ready for a woman president. This is up 7 points from December 1999 and the highest number since CBS News starting asking the question in 1996. But the majority of Americans still feel our country is not strong enough or ready for our first woman commander in chief. Voting a woman into the office would show our enemies a major sign of weakness, leaving the United States more open to terrorist's attacks.

Virginia Woolf said "War is not women's history." But at the same time only men



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