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Cubans In America

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Growing up I always looked at my self as an African American girl never really questioned why my mothers skin complexion was darker then mine and I was way lighter then her. Growing up my father was never in my life to teach me about my Cuban heritage neither. As I gotten older I became more interested in my Cuban background wanting to know more and more about this side I never knew.

Over ten years I gathered as much information that I possibly could on the history of Cuba. I learned Cuba became a Spanish colony in 1762 and was ruled by the Spanish governor in Havana which was briefly ruled by Britain before being returned in exchange for Florida. Cuba failed to end all Spanish rules which led tension between Spain and the United States. In 1902 the Spanish- American War was established which finally led to Spanish withdrawal, Cuba finally gained formal independence in spite of the U.S. embargo against Cuba.

Many Spanish speaking immigrants have immigrated to the U.S... Spanish speakers has increased in the country with large minorities in many political districts such as; California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Immigration to the United States began because of Cuban's political instability upon achieving independence. With the very strict dictatorship and communist government it really pushed for all Cuban's to immigrate to the United States. Most Cubans are settled in southern and central Florida, while other Cuban Americans live in the Northeastern U.S...

Spanish colonies are faced with racism and prejudice in the United States. They are often compared to African Americans because they are low class citizens in the United States. Studies have shown job opportunities have improved for Hispanic workers since the Civil Rights Act was passed. Still to this day many Hispanics suffer discrimination but their colonies are rising to the top and many Americans respect them more.

By researching information on Spanish



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