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America has always been the known as the "new "world" for millions of people who had a Dream. Their dream was not something exceptional but only to have a good life: to have enough expenses to survive, to have a house where children could be raised and what is more important to feel free and protected. America has become all of these for many people, who believe they are living out the American dream. But the truth is

that people all over the world dream about the same thing and therefore the appearance of the term americanism is not a surprise for anybody. The existence of the term Americanism reflects the special attitude towards the position of the United States of America in the world. What it means is that people see America as the ideal they are striving for and consider American values to be model-values. It also goes without saying that americanism was born as the desire to be like the strongest country in the world. Though some Americans underestimate the influence of their lifestyle on the rest of the world, they cannot neglect that fact that they give the direction for the lifestyle of people from at least the neighbor countries

Americanism is not just a word taken from the American-English slang. It is the evidence of the exceptionality of the American nation. American with its populations knows that its lifestyle is qualitatively different from other countries. This qualitative difference contains a lot of factors inside: the history of the United States of America, the credo of the nation, the political and economic structures and many others.

Americanism can be seen when people try to copy the way the Americans speak, walk, dress, love and think. As each American is considered to be an honorary guest in any country and welcomed everywhere, people belonging to other nations dream about having the same possibilities and having an easier life compared to the one they have.

Nevertheless, people do not understand that the life of American people is not

easy and they sometimes do suffer a lot. The aura that has been constructed



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