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Advertising In The Dream Society

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Advertising in the Dream Society

Brompton Bicycle is a company that sells foldable bicycles, since our assignment consists of making a basic advertisement for the company we will discuss the various factors which are to be taken into consideration when making such an advertisement.

We'd like to start with our target group, but first we have to point out that the foldable bicycles main features are its light weight and the possibility to fold it into a manageable form. This would make it a perfect means of transportation for people who live and work in the city as they would certainly be interested in a vehicle which allows them to maneuver the streets in a comfortable though fast way . However we decided to specify our target group a little bit more into young business people which are interested in the innovating idea behind a bicycle that you can fold and therefore it's practical use, meaning we are aiming for people between seventeen years old to people in their late thirties.

As for the storytelling we will try to create an image that tells us about young ambitious people who are always on the move and thus in need of a fast and reliable means of transportation. The main focus of our advertisement is the "time-factor". By using the Brompton foldable bicycle you will be able to save a lot of time and while doing so you should still look like a participant in today's flexible environment. The ad shows personalities that possess traits like elegance, sportivity, maturity and flexibility. When buying a bicycle like this people ought to believe they become part of this particular group. This also covers the Dream Society market which we target, saying that people tend to live up to the image we create. We are especially targeting the people that like to stand out in a way that makes them look like the kind of people everybody likes to hang out with.

For our advertisement we came up with a slogan; "ride on time". As you may have noticed this slogan is mainly based upon a pun. The word "ride" has the same pronunciation as "right" giving it a double meaning, so our goal is to tell our potential customers that when buying a Brompton foldable bicycle, you're buying a vehicle that makes you fast and punctual even when navigating the crowded city streets. The word "time" is used to link the bike to speed and motion, it fortifies the idea that with a Brompton foldable bicycle there is nothing that can hold you from reaching you're destination in time.

In the advertisements we carefully designed, you can see the personalities as described above. The people in the picture look like your average Joe but they all have something appealing to the general public, something mysterious maybe, which makes them perfect in order to create an image to which members of the Dream Society market we target would like to live up to. The settings are also selected to resemble daily situations, this is to show the practical use of the bicycle as well as to make it look very easy to be part of the created image just by buying a Brompton foldable bicycle.

Ease of use, convenience and speed/time are the main signifiers used to connote the rhetoric intent of this ad.

The choice to portrait the



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