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  • Ecommerce


    1. What if social commerce goes not accordingly to the business’s initial goal? * Lack of control. Companies would not be able to control what people are talking about. If social media users talk negative about the business, it would result to negative online word of mouth. For example, bloggers

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  • Ecommerceandculture


    Abstract The nature of e-commerce demands the study of consumer behavior that responds to various cultural preferences. Culture has been identified as an underlying determinant of consumer behavior, and this extends to e-commerce. This research investigates this phenomenon for the Egyptian consumer. This study highlights the roles of trust, uncertainty

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  • Economic Consequences Of Software Crime

    Economic Consequences Of Software Crime

    In 1996 worldwide illegal copying of domestic and international software cost $15.2 billion to the software industry, with a loss of $5.1 billion in the North America alone. Some sources put the total up-to-date losses, due to software crime, as high as $4.7 trillion. On the next page is

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  • Education System in Japan

    Education System in Japan

    Michael Willoughby Education System in Japan Education systems differs throughout the world. They have different views and ways they teach the students, mostly because of the cultural differences around the world. Japan is a country that takes education very seriously. The high school drop out rate is less than 2%

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  • Educational Technology

    Educational Technology

    Foundations of Education Since the beginning of time, the development of technology has helped advance society in many ways. From the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison to the making and remodeling of today's common vehicle, the constant improvements in technology have allowed the world to advance

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  • Eet Micro Car Control System Project

    Eet Micro Car Control System Project

    DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Fort Valley State University Fort Valley, GA 31030 EET Micro Car Control System Project By Tanisha Sands Dr. Domingo Uy April 20, 2017 Acknowledgement I want to thank my professor, Dr. Uy, for hours of dedicated help that lender during the duration of this project

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  • Effects Of Technology

    Effects Of Technology

    Running Head: TELECOMMUNICATIONS Telecommunications Gregory M Smith University of Phoenix   Telecommunications It was my senior year in high school and I can distinctly remember how I used to marvel at computers, fascinated with its' every detail. That was September 1984 through June 1985, over twenty-three years ago. I can

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  • Effets of Digital Communication and Electronic Commerce in Australian Firms

    Effets of Digital Communication and Electronic Commerce in Australian Firms

    EFFECTS OF DIGITAL COMMUNICATION AND ELECTRONIC COMMERCE IN AUSTRALIAN FIRMS Effects of Digital Communication and Electronic Commerce in Australian Firms Name: Institution: Tutor: Date: Executive Summary Technology has enabled many innovations in the business sector creating avenues through which revenue can be generated. Some of these avenues such as electronic

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  • Effort and Cost Estimation Using Cocomo II for "system Maintaining User Access Matrix Data for Perusahaan Xyz"

    Effort and Cost Estimation Using Cocomo II for "system Maintaining User Access Matrix Data for Perusahaan Xyz"

    Effort and Cost Estimation using COCOMO II for "System Maintaining User Access Matrix Data for Perusahaan XYZ" Abstract— Estimates of essential software made by the developer to determine the effort of the application to be made in order not wrong to spend , no one uses the amount of resource

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  • Eicher Motors Ltd: Royal Enfield Comeback

    Eicher Motors Ltd: Royal Enfield Comeback

    Screen%20Shot%202017-07-15%20at%203.01.10%20AM.png Screen%20Shot%202017-07-15%20at%203.01.38%20AM.png EICHER MOTORS LTD: ROYAL ENFIELD COMEBACK MADE LIKE A GUN… GOES LIKE A BULLET ________________ INDEX Introduction: Senior managers at Eicher Motors faced a tough choice; to shut down or revive the loss making Royal Enfield - their motorcycle division one final time. For that they wanted to

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  • Electric Cars

    Electric Cars

    Just about everyone wants a car but no one Wants to pay for gas well now thanks to technology we don't have to yes thanks to the discovery of the electronic car people can travel solely on the power of electricity but most people say that Unless some new type

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  • Electric Cars as one of Many Solutions Against the Global Contamination

    Electric Cars as one of Many Solutions Against the Global Contamination

    Name: Marcelo Ortega Electric cars as one of many solutions against the global contamination Many people believe that electric cars are a recently technology, however, this technology has been developing since 1900th. Like Henry Ford. He managed to create the first electric car even before his great model ‘‘T’’ appeared

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  • Electric Fences

    Electric Fences

    APA ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGISTS AND CODE OF CONDUCT I. PREAMBLE A. Develop scientific knowledge based on research. B. Apply knowledge to to improve the condition of the individual and society. C. Help public make informed judgements and choices concerning human behavior. D. Respect freedom of inquiry and expression. E.

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  • Electric Roller Shutters Vs Manual Roller Shutters

    Electric Roller Shutters Vs Manual Roller Shutters

    ELECTRIC ROLLER SHUTTERS VS MANUAL ROLLER SHUTTERS Which would you prefer? One of the most acceptable user friendly blinds in the market today is a roller shutters, as they open and close in a vertical fashion. Roller shutters are usually mounted above the entryway or window and roll down to

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  • Electrical Circuits

    Electrical Circuits

    Electrical Charges: Electrical charges come as plus or minus. Like charges repel, unlike charges attract. Electrons and protons have, to fantastic accuracy, equal and opposite charges. Quarks have 1/3 the electron charge but are never seen alone! In wires electrons do the moving to carry electrical current. In solutions or

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  • Electrical Energy

    Electrical Energy

    Why Electrical Energy? The most important form of energy in our daily life is Electrical Energy. The branch of engineering which deals with producing, managing and utilizing of this energy, is referred as Electrical Engineering. It was June 1752, when Benjamin Franklin (founder of USA) first tried to catch electricity

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  • Electronic


    Electronic Commerce is exactly analogous to a marketplace on the Internet. Electronic Commerce (also referred to as EC, e-commerce eCommerce or ecommerce) consists primarily of the distributing, buying, selling, marketing and servicing of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The information technology

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  • Electronic Commerce - Role of Ecommerce in a Social Environment

    Electronic Commerce - Role of Ecommerce in a Social Environment

    international barriers to E-Commerce International Barriers to E-Commerce Shashank Kumar Sullivan University January 5, 2017 Author Note Shashank Kumar, MSMIT, Sullivan University Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Shashank Kumar, MSMIT, Sullivan University, 3101 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205. Contact: ________________ Abstract This paper evaluates the role

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  • Electronic Commerce Systems

    Electronic Commerce Systems

    The four main components are as follows Client, Merchant, Transaction system and payment gateway. A client is a computer system that is directly connected to the Internet via an ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as Netscape. It may also be connected via a smaller more private network that is not

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  • Electronic Credit Card Payment Technology

    Electronic Credit Card Payment Technology

    Electronic Credit Card Payment Technology Secure Socket Layer (SSL) SSL is a protocol developed by Netscape which has become a standard in all common browsers. As soon as a customer connects to a merchant's server the customer's browser receives the merchant's certificate and key. A certificate is used to verify

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  • Electronic Lab Report 4

    Electronic Lab Report 4

    FACULTY OF ENGINEERING, ARCHITECTURE & BUILT ENVIRONMENT EE103 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS 1 IMPLEMENTATION OF FULL ADDER USING TWO 4×1 SUBMITTED BY : EUKA TASNIM (1001438988) CHUKWUBUNDU UDUEZUE (1001439261) MAY –AUGUST 2015 ________________ OBJECTIVE: To implement a full adder using two 4×1 multiplexers. APPARATUS: 1. 9V DC Supply 2. Breadboard 3. I.Cs

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  • Electronic Medical Record

    Electronic Medical Record

    Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a computerized system designed for storing medical records. It is an electronic version of paper- based medical record for individual that is specific to one facility, or physician. The medical record is a very powerful tool that allows physician to track the patient's medical history

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  • Electronic Voting And What Should Be Done

    Electronic Voting And What Should Be Done

    There's been a lot of talk about this new computer system that casts election votes. Ideally, using electronic equipment has many advantages but there are disadvantages hiding in the cave ready to attack. We've all seen electronic equipment often work as expected but more importantly, it's not uncommon for electronic

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  • Elevator Installers And Repaires

    Elevator Installers And Repaires

    Elevator Installer and Repairer I chose an elevator installer because it's a trade you don't here of often and from what I have heard they have it pretty good I have thought about going into the trades and this is one I have thought about joining. Elevator installers and repairers

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  • Elie Tahari

    Elie Tahari

    This Windows on Technology focuses on the company of Elie Tahari, a top fashion designer. The company is considered the pioneers of the "shop-in-shop" concept. This means that high fashion department stores like Saks and Bloomingdales set aside a dedicated section in their stores solely to sell the Tahari line.

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  • Email Password Recovery Services

    Email Password Recovery Services

    .. I want to see whether my wife / girlfriend is cheating me or not .... ... someone hacked my email-id and I want to hack his/her ... ... I am a lawyer and want to save my client by breaking into my co-defense lawyer's email account ... ...

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  • Email Spam

    Email Spam

    I believe that spam emails come pretty close to those annoying telemarketing phone calls. It is absolutely no fun to have the phone ring at dinner time and to hear the voice on the other end telling you about a new credit card. This is the same thing with spam

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  • Embedded Dbms

    Embedded Dbms

    An Embedded database is a specific database genus that does not run as a separate process, instead, it is directly linked ("embedded") into the application. Herein, the database is integrated into the application and the end-user has little or no knowledge that the database exists. Embedded databases are sometimes referred

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  • Emerging and Future Wireless Technologies and the Lessons Learned Fro Security

    Emerging and Future Wireless Technologies and the Lessons Learned Fro Security

    2016 ZEIT8023: Wireless Security Written Report EMERGING AND FUTURE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES AND THE LESSONS LEARNED FOR SECURITY Z5081020 DEXTER HO HAN XIANG UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES | AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE ACADEMY ________________ Contents Executive Summary 2 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Analyse and depth 4 2.1 Evolution of wireless technology

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  • Emirates Airline - Consumer Behavior Research Paper

    Emirates Airline - Consumer Behavior Research Paper

    Introduction Emirates Airline was eastablished on October 25, 1985 when the government of Dubai offered $10 million as a starting up capital to build new airline industry. Initially, the airline operated with two aircrafts which was the Boeing 737-300 and Airbus A300. In order to give extra capacity for the

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