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Tech Management - Hardware System Security Risk

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Q: As a group, identify the major risks Severn Trent has in implementing their information sharing model. Then present and justify the primary organizational processes you would put in place at Severn Trent to minimize the security risk.

Major risks:

Hardware system security.

Firewalls could control access to internal network and prevent unauthorized users. As Severn Trent, a big water service utility must have internal control network to assign water resources to different areas. If the firewalls doesn’t work properly, this could be a risk to disturb the order of operations.

Encryption involves using keywords, algorithms, or passwords to keep files and other data safety. As Severn Trent, it must have a lot of customers, the privacy of customers should be carefully protected, to avoid the risk of leakage of information.

Tools and agents aim to increase efficiencies of working and provide better services for customers. Unstable tools and unskilled agents may have risks to affect the implementation of workforce management system.

Network and software security.

Like the news mentioned about attackers broke into SCADA system to control the public utility water pump in Springfield, IL. It reflects the system problems such as botched fix, not legal demands and nixed security for SCADA system.

Network operating system software manage the resources of the computer or network, ignore this may have the risk of let attacker break into system and loss control of operation.

Information security. This aims to synchronize all mechanisms and protocols built into system. No information security, may leads the threat of unauthorized access.

Server and browser software security. This enable customers to get fluent and accurate operation on website. Lacking of this may cause customer complaints and can’t provide



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