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Emerging and Future Wireless Technologies and the Lessons Learned Fro Security

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Essay Preview: Emerging and Future Wireless Technologies and the Lessons Learned Fro Security

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ZEIT8023: Wireless Security Written Report





Executive Summary        2

1.0 Introduction        3

2.0 Analyse and depth        4

2.1 Evolution of wireless technology        4

2.2 Radio technologies standards        7

2.3 Wireless technologies standards        7

2.4 Bluetooth technologies standards        9

2.5 Other developing technologies standards        10

2.6 Wireless security features and mechanism        10

3.0 Conclusion        13

References        14

Executive Summary

The main purpose of this report is to present an overview about Emerging and Future wireless technologies which focuses on improving the technology wireless, cellular networks and Radio technologies and others. This includes an overview about the evolution of security features from the standpoint of view of long term future technologies plan along with their challenges and researches through the use of technologies.

This research report will be constructed firstly by discussing the evolution of wireless technology along with features of cellular networks. Li-fi is an example of such technology alternative to connect the internet wirelessly without data loss and improve speed efficiency development. For example, the air pod (Apple new wireless headphone) which comes with new method of wireless communication and new technologies development will also be covered in-depth. This gives an idea on how the implementation of wireless technologies along with its hardware and software will affect new method of usage that can potentially change the world around us.

The report will include details on radio technologies along with wireless standards, Bluetooth standards and other developing standards related to communication wireless technologies. In addition, the background common technologies standards and its development used in today’s world will also be discussed.

This report will also include security features background such as encryption and protocol that can meet the challenges in future research and development. There are pros and cons when dealing with wireless security issue.

Finally, this report will discuss the various challenges regarding excessive usage of emerging technologies as well as mobile devices use. It will cover the cost of research and development for multiple new technologies such as radio technologies and cellular networks and wireless standards. In addition, future strategies priority potential, training method advice for heavy use of technologies as well as secured wireless security will be considered.

1.0 Introduction

The evolution of wireless technologies along with the rapid changes in hardware in research and development offer many new innovative ideas to improve society’s every day usage of technology; together with the improvement of security features in preventing further attacks.

The innovation of wireless technology first started when radio waves were discovered in the 1880s.1 As innovation of wireless technology evolves and develops rapidly into radio frequencies such as GPS or cellular or Wi-Fi.2

During those times in research and development, researchers were working on wireless chip technologies that can do radio station, GPS, cellular signals Wi-Fi etc. 3 It was an expensive deployment and installation hotspots that can receive signals from distant radio waves in new wireless technology

  1. development.

With it comes to radio technology (software defined radio) development, the technology usage efficiency and effectiveness can improve frequency ranges and error correction. 5 This is why software defined radio technology is very important in improving frequency ranges, strong signals and possible software upgrades for hardware. This makes it easier for handheld devices and cellular. 6 With this kind of innovation, it brings challenges because this development is complex.

This report first analyses emerging and future wireless technologies standards; follow by new wireless technology and wireless standards (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.) that supports communication protocols. 7 An overview of the research consists a report about the evolution of security features for future technologies plan8.

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2.0 Analyse and depth

2.1 Evolution of wireless technology

Wireless technology began with the use of cellular network in mobile communication. There are five

  1. types of known common cellular network. They are:

  1. 1G – The First generation started back in 1983. The cellular network was introduced as the

AMPS (Advanced Mobile Telephone System) 9 which runs on voice services and analogy-based protocols operating at radio frequency of 800Mhz. 10 11

  1. 2G – The Second generation improved coverage and offered more services for users per cell tower (capacity). 2G standards was first introduced as GSM (Global System for Mobile

Communications) and CDMA (code division multiple access). 12 Security and encryption were introduced and associated with 2G support i.e. SMS or text message, caller id and MMS/Internet access as packet data. 13 The radio frequency for 2G runs on 900MhZ.14



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