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Eet Micro Car Control System Project

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Essay Preview: Eet Micro Car Control System Project

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Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley, GA 31030

EET Micro Car Control System Project


Tanisha Sands

Dr. Domingo Uy

April 20, 2017


I want to thank my professor, Dr. Uy, for hours of dedicated help that lender during the duration of this project class. I also want to thank the entire Electronic Engineering Technology Department for service over the course of my education at Fort Valley State University. I would not have been able to complete this project without them.


This course is named ELET 4901 Special Topics Project and is one of few “senior project” courses that utilize a cumulative knowledge of engineering and technology theories, formulas, and devices. For my project, I chose a 1/18 scale Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. The purpose of this project is experiment the original design of a Push-button scale car.

Project Description

I cut out all wires that once transmitted to an antenna making the car remote controlled, then inserted my own bred board that included my design along with my potentiometer (to control how far the car would run) and push-button (that would start the car).

Circuit Diagram

[pic 1]

Theory of Operation

The theory is that connecting a 6 volt motor to a 555 timer and high resistance will allow the car to move without burning out components.


[pic 2]

1-555 Timer

1-Push-On Switch

1-Silicon Rectifier

1-2W Potentiometer

1-5V Relay Reed



Testing and Data Collection

I got a total of 5 trials to start and stop my car at 22 feet.

Evaluation of Results

After test running my car 5 times, it stopped approximately 1 foot before and after the 22-foot finish mark, this resulted in a B. The other 3 times, the car stopped on the 22 foot line.



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